At ARYSE we create a unique experience for surfers that involve them in the process. We believe the connection between a surfer and shaper creates boards that perform. The boards we make are specifically designed for the needs and preferences of the individual surfer. For this reason we invite every customer to ARYSE. We then share the art of shaping and the surf/shaper connection builds. Our shaper/ designer Ryan Sakal  designs with the surfer which is unique. The surfers get the experience only a top pro would get. Ordering from a large surfboard manufacturer cant give you that personal experience. Chances are a stock board off the rack from your local shop wont provide the same performance as a custom surfboard. If a surfer cant make it in person we do our best to communicate over phone and email to build the connection. We truly believe in making a high performance custom surf crafts and we offer you an individual experience that is unique to ARYSE…..Ryan Sakal

Ryan Sakal portraitsRyan Sakal portraitsIMG_1717